How fast is the EasyGrid refreshing the temperature readings from its connected sensors?

May 03 2022

The inner light signal source is necessary to make reading off all connected sensors
goes from 1 channel to the next in a serial fashion.
The time lapse it takes for a given channel to be read again is equivalent to the
the time it takes for the system to complete a full “scan” cycle thru all enabled


For example: with 1 unique channel connected, the physical “poll” refresh interval is of
200ms. Should there be more than 1 channel on the equipment, then the “poll”
the interval between each channel is 500ms.

The EasyGrid monitor cycles thru all enabled channels in a serial fashion (one after
the other) and does so continuously.

In other words, should the EasyGrid equipment have 10 channels on it, a full-cycle
thru all channels would take 5 seconds to complete? (10 X 500ms)

This sampling rate is static and cannot be altered or modified. There are no user
settings available to change that.

As for the software side, the Nortech Client allows for displaying monitoring
information coming from the channels of a connected EasyGrid thru a USB or Ethernet

The speed at which the software polls the device goes from 1 second (Slow) to 1milisecond (fast). You can set that refresh rate speed within the Nortech Client
Software interface under the Monitoring tab.

The “refresh rate” within the Nortech Client and the “sampling rate” are mutually
exclusive and have no relations with one another.