The bench-top chassis is provided with the Power/Interface module, the Evolution data acquisition and instrument control software, a USB cable, a power supply as well as, a module removal tool.

As it is inherently modular, researchers can add FPI-LS modules, and thus more channels, as time and budgets permit. The chassis offered can contain 2, 5 or 8 modules.



This “signal conditioning” module is both the light source and the receiver of the fiber optic measurement system. The FPI-LS converts the optical signal into a pressure reading without the use of an external amplification box. The researcher may plug the catheter’s optical connector directly into the FPI-LS or use an (optional) extension cable with the connection box provided.



Simple Monitoring and

Real-Time Graphing

Users may easily choose between reading the actual measurement or playing with user-specific screen refresh rates and graphing options (both in real time). Data may also be recorded and saved in multiple file formats.  Some prefer using the 15 kHz analog output 0-5 V on the FPI-LS.

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