Complete System

The “signal conditioning” module is both the light source and the receiver of the fiber optic measurement system. The SKR converts the optical signal to a pressure reading without the us of an external amplification box. The researcher may plug the catheter’s optical connector directly into the SKR.


This development kit is geared towards customers wishing to evaluate and test the pressure monitoring system ( both the sensors and the reading units), before adding it to their hospital console.



Once ready to embed the OEM module, just take it out of the SKR-DEV casing. FISO provides the communication protocol required to establish communication between the host system and the OEM module, either through analog or digital means.


Manufacturing of Catheter Sub-assemblies and Complete Devices

  • Multiple robotic sensors’ assembly lines for high-volume production (hundreds of thousands of sensors per year)
  • Clean room space available for prototypes, pilot build or validation, and pre-clinical build
  • Multiple certified manufacturing sites
  • Broad variety of suppliers and partners for tube components, adhesives, extrusion, as well asmachined and molded part
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